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Welcome to Care with Balance and Dignity Inc. Our platform here is to educate the community  on multiple levels to provide an avenue of alternative practices to "March them to Wellness and offer higher quality of life.".

  • Cierra Keaton BSN, RN

Breaking The Stigma of Cannabis.......

As a Registered Nurse one of the primary roles in the healthcare field we have is being a patient advocate. We SPEAK to what we know best benefits the patient as a whole. We spend years gaining knowledge and partnering with the providers to make sure that patients receive a high quality of care. As technology advances and as we continue to evolve in the study of medicine, it is amazing that we have taken a blind eye to the medicinal benefits of cannabis. It seems as if we become comfortable with making excuses on why some choose to not even explore this avenue of treatments. Every single medication that has been through the FDA has been in a trail study and period. We have always had experimental medication and medications where we needed to continue to due trials on to gain an understanding and study the benefits and losses. Again it seems as if no one can truly answer the question as to why are we just now coming up on a era of exploration in the medicinal cannabis realm.

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